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By submitting this form, guest does hereby consent to the recording and distribution of reproduction(s) of the Guest's voice and performance as part of the media program entitled The Stepmom Sanity Podcast (herein referred to as the "Program"). By agreeing to terms and conditions, Guest has agreed to be interviewed or otherwise participate in the Program, a production of Stepmom Sanity. As a condition of publication/broadcast, and for no monetary compensation, Stepmom Sanity requests the non-exclusive worldwide rights to reproduce, and distribute your oral and/or video presentation, in whole or in part, in any media, as part of this Program published under the auspices of Stepmom Sanity in perpetuity. Stepmom Sanity shall have the right to edit and/or transcribe your presentation. You also grant Stepmom Sanity the right to use your name, biography and likeness in connection with the Program. You warrant that your presentation is original with you, that publication/broadcast will not infringe on the rights of others, and that you have full power to grant this license. Should your presentation/broadcast incorporate copyrighted materials of others, you warrant that you have obtained such permission from those parties for publication/broadcast Stepmom Sanity, consistent with this Agreement. If the foregoing terms are satisfactory, please sign and date this agreement below and return it to the Program coordinator. Execution of this Agreement does not obligate Stepmom Sanity to publish your presentation or other materials. This release shall be binding upon Guest and Guest’s heirs, personal representatives, agents, successors, and assigns.

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