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Waiting to be



You were built for the excitement, the joy, and the turbulence of the life you’re living.

-Cheryl Shumake

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You’ve tried, you’ve cried, and you’ve prayed, yet still remain an ignored stepmom...on a good day. Let’s face it, giving and receiving love in a step-family is not easy. You know it is doable with time and perseverance, however, there is a chasm between what you know in your head and what you experience in your heart. You ask yourself: “How do I survive the gap? Do I have what it takes to remain consistent in love when consistently faced with insults and rejection?” The answer to both questions is, “Yes!”


With biblical truth, personal anecdotes, and down-to-earth tips, Cheryl expertly escorts stepmoms across pot-holed roads from being a stepmom who is endured to one who is enjoyed. In Waiting to be Wanted, you will find solutions to help you:

  • Relate in transformative ways

  • Uncover and overcome hurdles to a bonded relationship

  • Lose fear of vulnerability and find freedom in tenderheartedness

  • Grow in love for children who act out of hurt without absorbing the pain of their hurtful actions


Written by a stepmom who has been there, for stepmoms who are still there, Waiting to be Wanted is a must for the toolkit of every stepmom who wants to succeed in her role!

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