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"Samantha" was strangled by offense. Her scarred heart viewed every overture of friendship from her stepdaughter through a veil of suspicion. And it was now spilling over into her marriage.

Admittedly the history of their relationship would make a Lifetime Movie seem tame but they were making headway. Samantha's stepdaughter had surrendered her life to Christ and apologized to her father and stepmother for her previous behavior. The young lady has demonstrated true repentance through her behavior and words since then.

Sam said she forgave her stepdaughter. But words have a way of locating you. The resentment with which Sam treated and spoke of her daughter told the truth. As she recounted each insult and painful act over a cup of tea, never once did it occur to Sam she was now the one in bondage.

Are you struggling with the heaviness of unforgiveness? Racked with guilt about anger you can't let go? The same Jesus who invited you to exchange His easy yoke for your heavy burden, beckons you now to know the freedom of forgiving. Listen in as Cheryl is interviewed on the subject of Forgiveness by Angie Baughman of Steady ON

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